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The Musculoskeletal Institute is a team of expert orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgical and spinal surgeons, pain physicians and physiotherapists. Our collective goal is to provide patients with superior clinical outcomes through surgical sub-specialisation, underpinned by the latest evidence-based research.

Rehabilitation after Joint Surgery


There are many types of orthopaedic surgeries performed that require post operative rehabilitation.

Such surgeries include ACL and rotator cuff reconstruction, spinal surgeries (i.e. laminectomy, fusion), total knee (TKR) and hip replacements (THR), joint clean out’s,) and fractures (open reduction fractures requiring internal fixation; ORIF’s).

In most cases the operated site will need to be preserved initially requiring a period of immobilisation. Following this period, physiotherapy rehabilitation is prescribed to help regain the loss of range motion, muscle size, strength and functionality.

It is important that you follow post operative protocols prescribed to you by the surgeon.


Rehabilitation after Injury


Sport injuries can occur during any type of physical exercise where an individual has a functional biomechanical issue. Sports injuries may be a result of incorrect warm up techniques.

Common injuries include;

  • ankle sprains/tears,
  • calf and hamstring tears,
  • adductor tendinopathy,
  • ACL & PCL injuries,
  • shoulder pathology,
  • patella dislocations and fractures, ‘
  • anterior’ knee pain,
  • medial and collateral knee ligaments,
  • fractures & dislocations,
  • concussion/’whiplash’ injuries,
  • achillies issues

Individualised sport specific programs that are regularly and correctly undertaken will maximise the outcome and reduce your risk of injury.

A treatment approach will be agreed upon in conjunction with your physiotherapist in the initial consultation and will include three main objectives; treat the acute inflammatory phase, regain motor control strength & mobility and then maximise sport specific drills linked to your chosen sport/s.

If you are suffering from any type of sporting injury, contact us to make an appointment with one of Physiotherapists and together we can work to get you back to your required fitness level.



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