Physiotherapy Exercise


Using mat exercises, gym equipment and our Pilates reformer we can help with:

  • General fitness and exercise after joint replacements
  • Strengthens the core to help prevent diastasis of rectus abdominal (separation of abdominals)
  • Pain relief relating to musculo-skeletal conditions such as sciatica
  • lower back pain and pubic symphysis pain
  • Aids in the rehabilitation of C-sections and natural birth
  • Assist with shaping and tone of the body
  • Develop core strength and stability
  • Aligning the body while focusing on better posture.

What’s involved? 

On first contact you will meet one-on-one with our Physiotherapist for your initial assessment.

During this assessment you will be assessed for any recent or past injuries or chronic pain you may have, if you’ve just recently had a baby your Physiotherapist will check it is safe for you to start exercising, because it is not always a good idea to start too soon after giving birth.

Your Physiotherapist will then create a customised program for you. Benefits of a customised program; they’re based around YOU the most important person.